1. E-BAY

E-bay is more expensive than ever before, but it is still relatively simple for anyone to sell via internet auction. I recommend small items that won't get damaged in the mail and are worth more than $10. The effort you put into lesser items just isn't worth it. That's my 2 cents worth.

Most people have bought or sold on e-bay before, but there are more ways e-bay can be an effective tool. Hopefully, by now you have heard about my unique auction style request for support. If not, CHECK IT OUT HERE. This will give you an idea, of one way, you can use e-bay. I have heard from people in many states and even overseas. It's pretty wonderful.

If everyone were to think outside the box, we would all be in trouble, but few ever do, so if you have happened across this blog and want to step out of the box, that is, feel free! There are so many creative ways to make extra money if you are willing to do the work, and don't mind a few second glances. Come back for another idea tomorrow. I will post as often as I come across one you might be interested in.

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